We believe in hiring smarter.

Solving the hiring equation can give you a serious headache.

When selecting the right candidate, it’s like trying to beat the casino.

Here’s what it probably looks like.

Well, you start with a humongous list of skills and requirements. And then you tie them to a chair and start interrogating. You let them take tests, do assessments and you’d even do a brain scan if you could. For hard skills it can give you some insights, but performance is about so much more.

So, none of this helps you. Nor the candidate. You’re doing the very thing that actually defeats the cause of finding the right person. Using these hard standardized ‘objective’ criteria to assess someone’s ability to do the job doesn’t predict performance at all. There isn’t any evidence. Zero. Goose-egg.

And this is called the Mismatch Problem.

And it gets even worse as complexity of business grows.

So, what can you do?

Instead of narrowing, you should be broadening the talent pool as much as possible.

Focus on the actual job demands. Connect to a broader talent pool. And when someone comes along who fits the profile, hire them. After that, all you can do is analyze their performance based on your own subjective evaluation.

Please don’t exclude the other 99% of talent who could do the job as well, or even better.

And that, my friend, is what we believe in.

If you’re an IT Architect, how much easier will your life be if you have a partner who (actually) knows what you do and want, gives you access to peers & projects and takes care of the administrative wizardry?

If you’re a manager, what would it mean to access a dedicated community of vetted IT Architects? How would it feel to get the right person at the right time? And how does a fair pricing model sound?

We believe it’s time to Hire Smarter.

Our mission? Become Europe’s leading community of freelance IT Architects.

Talk soon!


Michael & Jurriaan

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